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Look at Dr. David Brownstein re: salt.
After decades of exercise, mostly the right foods and lots of supplements I missed one big one at the beginning. Sea salt.
I am now trying to limit my diet strictly to sea salt, including in prepared foods. It's difficult, but you can find even ketchup and mustard made with sea salt. If you look into it you'll see many recommend Celtic Sea Salt.
It seems that the slight difference in NACL (table salt, which was forumlated for industrial use)makes a huge difference healthwise.
And learning about that takes you to another of Brownstein's biggies: iodine.
I'm now taking Iodoral.
You'll find a lot on this in google.
By the way, it was an acupuncturist treating me with TCM...traditional Chinese medicine, who got me on that particular path. He's from Korea and I'd lived there some years ago and loved kimchi. I told him that it is too salty for me now. He said the problem with kimchi in the U.S. is that it is made with table salt. Few Koreans suffer high blood pressure, he says, but those who come to the U.S. do develop it -- and not from stress. It's the salt. The problem is the ratio of sodium to potassium and other tweaks.

And, by the way, my various paths and some recent testing make it apparent that I have stage 3 adrenal fatigue. My symptom has been chronic, absolute insomnia that developed over several years and went full-blown a year ago. I sleep but never deep sleep. I've had two sleep studies and a long line of pills that make it and me worse, ambien, lunesta, etc.

If you want to get a good and thorough, well researched scaring read Dr. Sherry Rogers "Detoxify or Die." It is through her and some others that I've ordered a far infrared sauna for detox.
Hope to get it next week.

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