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minerals iron

Wow! Very nice post and well written. Thanks. I appreciate it.


Good physical and mental health provides happiness in our lives.Hormone imbalance leads to several problems.Adrenal Fatigue exhausts the adrenal glands.I know of a great website that offers treatment for all kind of hormone imbalances.


Thanks for writing, Bette. I'll check out those sites and yes, I think Obama has a shot. If he can't do it, we'll be even worse off than we were before. The insurance companies will make us pay for daring to confront them!

adrenal fatigued too

Somethings gotta be done about healthcare...think obama has a shot?

Bette Dowdell - I'd love to get access to these teleseminars.. they sound pretty interesting.


Yeah, this "Standard of Care" nonsense will be the end of us. One size fits all, and symptoms don't count. I have hypopituitarism, which means my whole endocrine system is in an uproar. Or would that be downroar since everything's underperforming? I'm working on teleseminars to talk about what the various parts of the endocrine system should do, the symptoms when they don't and how to get yourself out of the ditch. I'm no doctor, but I've been dealing with this for more than 30 years. Check out the web site. Meanwhile, go to DrLam.com for adrenal information, plus search on Dr. Richard Shames, who works on the combination of adrenal and thyroid--and writes books about the problems. We shouldn't have to go it alone medically, but we do.

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