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ken karnack

I think Oprah has no commitment to her health! I am a personal trainer and I can tell you that her "guru" trainer is nothing more than a lucky one. If I were to get somoeone famous and train them I can delcare that I am a "celeb trainer". If I were her trainer I would have her pay me for ruining all of my hard work!

She has gone up and down with her weight for year with all the specilists helping her, even Dr. Phil.

Just my opinion

Doreen Thompson

When I had a thyroid problem I gained 30 pounds and I am not a
person with weight problems. Once I took the pills I was prescribed, the weight slowly came off - 6 months to be exact.
So once her thyroid gets under control, her weight probably will
too - once she starts dieting and exercising again as well. I
feel sorry for her as she has such a hard time. If she looked
after herself for a change instead of worrying about everybody
else she might not have this problem. Anyway good luck to Oprah.
I love her.

Cari from ditch diets live light

I'm also wondering how much of it is hormonal - isn't Oprah getting to a stage where she is perhaps peri-menopausal? (http://www.ditch-diets-live-light.com/female-hormones.html)

And how is her sleep pattern? (http://www.ditch-diets-live-light.com/sleep-and-obesity.html) I think there are so many other factors (like you mention thyroid problems) that we don't take into account in our old "eat less exercise more" equation.

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