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Congratulations! You have so much useful information, write more.


I took it for a long time with no side effects. Lately, it has been hard to get from the pharmacy, for some reason related to the manufacturer, so I went back to the other type. I can report no bad taste or any of the other things you mentioned. If you check inhere now and again, there is often new info, from others such as yourself. Most of the posts have links in the comment sections that may help.


Donald Braddy

My wife is considering Armour as an alternate to Synthroid. I have read some recent blogs about the recent "reformulation" causing bad taste when taken, slow melting, chalky taste, changes in how people feel, etc;. I thought all they changed was the filler, not the actual thyroid formula. Your help please. Has anyone received their new dosage and what is your reaction. Thanks, Don


I was diagnosed with hypo-thyroidism in 1991. I've been taking Armor thyroid for years. I get the blood panel check every six months. I've never had any significant problems with it. (The adrenal fatigue thing is new to me, I always thought that was caused by poor diet/too much sugar).

I can tell you Synthroid was in a class-action suit in California about 10 years ago. Synthroid only provides a couple of the thyroid hormones (T1 and T2 or something) vs. the whole spectrum, which desiccated thyroid has.

Without Armor thyroid I am: sluggish, exhausted, cold (even in heat waves), I wake up with cold feet, I want to sleep constantly. On it, I feel normal.

Carol Hubanks

I've taken synthroid for years and now am weaning off to natural thyroid. If you take more than you need of any of these products you will probably have heart fibrillation's ....that's a sign to cut back. I like the natural thyroid best...it's more complete form and I believe more absorbable. Synthetic is just that...a substitute for the real thing. You shouldn't take it at all unless you have a low body temperature and have had blood and saliva testing (a complete pannel)to see what you are short on. T3 can be added separately if you need it.


That would be fine with me, also I think Face Book has a group dedicated to Adrenal Fatigue.I will look at the address you gave me.

Elizabeth Wells

Hiya- again I heard that Armour and products like it can aggravate stressed adrenals because they are too weak to cope with it.
I'm reading James Wilson's Adrenal Fatigue book at the moment and really think it's helpful.
I'd love to link you to my blog which I'm just starting (ie there's nothing on it as it's brand new)- would that be ok? You can find more info on me as well at www.keytowellness.co.uk
I've got adrenal fatigue, candida, food, chemical and electrosensitivities. Currently experimenting with taking iodine (Lugols) but am trying to work out if it's ok to use it as lots of people say you have to heal the adrenals first...

Betty Copeland

I have been taking Armour Thyroid for over 3 years and its great. I took synthroid for 15 years and was falling asleep all the time and feeling drug out all the time. My doctor did not know how to prescribe a proper dose so he started off with a low dose and checked my blood for every month for 3 months to make sure it was okay. It has been okay ever since. I suspect that your doctor gave you too big a dose if you were having palpatations. It is thyroid harmone and thats what it does it motivates you. If a doctor tries to prescribe according to the dose you took with the synthectic type, that could be way too much.
But when the dose is right there is nothing like it except for your own natural thyroid harmones, which if your taking meds for hypothyroidism then your not making your own harmones for that anymore are not as much as you used to. No doctor will be able to prescribe Armour with out keeping a monthly check on the blood tests for a few months. Once the dose is correct it seldom ever needs changed.

I hope this helps someone out there. It is easier for a Doctor to prescribe a synthectic cause they have charts telling them how much to give for the level you need. But that does not mean it is right for the patient, because we are animals and the synthectic stuff does not have all the things in it that the natural animal harmone does and our bodies have to convert the synthectic stuff to fit our bodies and it does not always work properly for every one. If the doctor takes the time to make sure the Armour dose is correct then the patients life is so much better than on the synthectic meds.

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